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Trust me: how to make your e-tail company a credible paragon of proof 

In an age where disinformation runs rampant, it is no wonder that many consumers can be very unsure about where to buy goods. The Internet has become particularly notorious for untrustworthiness, with 85% of people fretting about the impact of online disinformation

This all puts ecommerce businesses in a difficult position, but one that can be overcome with the right trust signals. These days, it’s not enough to tell people they should buy from your company; you also need to focus on the why — and back up your words with strong evidence. 

If you’ve got a strong following, point it out

It might be standard practice for an ecommerce firm to set up pages on social media, but what exactly they do with those pages is also crucial. For example, if you sell cleaning products, you might have used social media to advise how to thoroughly sanitise various rooms of the house.

In regularly posting this kind of informative, reliable content, you can tempt more and more people into hitting the “like” or “follow” button on your social media pages. Once the number of these followers has passed an especially high threshold, you can highlight this news on your website. 

Cite data and statistical evidence 

Any company can come out with vague claims about what it can do for customers. A claim, for example, that a smartwatch “improves fitness” can never be proven wrong, since the product could indeed improve the user’s fitness simply by making them have to walk to the post office to collect the parcel containing the device. 

You are going to instil a lot more trust among your target audiences by using solid facts. So, in the case of the smartwatch, have you unearthed a study reporting that a specific, high percentage of participants enhanced their cardiovascular health by using the product? If so, mention this statistic on the product listing.

Show the product in action

When you are considering buying a particular model of smartphone, you probably appreciate being able to walk into a physical retail outlet and play around with a demonstration unit of the handset before deciding whether to a purchase. 

Sadly, unless your business has a brick-and-mortar or high-street store presence of some kind, it would not be possible – or at least, easy – for your outlet to enable its shoppers to sample products in this same way. On your store’s page for the given product, though, you could include a video showing someone using the product for many of the purposes advertised in the listing. 

All in all, key to your trust-building mission will be making sure not only your products, but also your online operations deliver what shoppers are entitled to expect. If you seek web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), and/or software development services in Gibraltar, Spain, or the UK, please feel free to enquire to us.