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Struggling to find good-quality, free stock photos? Try these 5 sites

By 12 October 2018September 20th, 2021No Comments

While – in an ideal world – you may aspire to only populate your website with images that your company has created itself, the truth is that there will also likely be times when the use of stock photos on your site is necessary or desirable. In any case, there are many high-quality stock images out there; a lot of the problem for online business owners is the difficulty of finding them.

This is why you may be thankful for our below suggestions of free stock photo sites.


With Unsplash having even been used for the default theme provided with WordPress, it has come to command a great deal of respect in the stock-photo world. Its library now consists of a whopping 600,000 high-resolution images, and more are continually being added by the site’s photographer community.


There aren’t too many better sources of high-quality free stock images than Pexels, which draws its photos with user contributions and free-image sites. Visitors can browse hundreds of thousands of photos, while the search feature and use of tagging makes it easy to find the perfect image for almost any conceivable application.


It’s one of the most instantly recognisable names in the stock-photo world, and with good reason. Pixabay is a relatively ancient site by the standards of most stock image portals, having been launched ‘way back’ in November 2010. However, the opportunity that it affords you to sift through more than 1.5 million copyright-free images and videos surely can’t be passed up when you are in need of such commercial-ready material that also doesn’t require you to request permission for use.

New Old Stock

Stock images aren’t a phenomenon solely of the 21st century, and New Old Stock takes advantage of this fact, granting you access to all manner of vintage photos and image collections from the public archives that aren’t subject to any known copyright restrictions. Both colour and black and white images are available, as may be handy for those areas of your site where you’re delving into the past.

Startup Stock Photos

It’s worth keeping an eye out for any stock photo sites that specifically represent your industry or even, in the case of Startup Stock Photos, your company’s size and stage of development. Expect to see images on this site that include laptops, whiteboards, office spaces and all of the other paraphernalia and motifs associated with small companies.

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