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Sophisticated ways to boost the appeal of your landing pages

By 19 September 2018September 20th, 2021No Comments

You surely won’t need our team here at Piranha Designs to tell you about the importance of your site’s landing pages quickly commanding the attention of your visitors and enticing them to act. However, some of the most effective techniques for doing so can seem less than obvious, until you know them – at which point, you may wonder why they weren’t the very first things you did.

With that in mind, here are just some of the proven means by which you can make your landing pages more impactful.

Include a testimonial as a headline

Would you most trust someone telling you that their product or service would work for you… or an actual past customer of the given product or service telling you that?

Including an approving quote from a person who has used the product or service previously, detailing not only the result they gained – for example, their company growing by 50% – but also a recommendation that it would work for a wide range of other potential customers or clients, can be very powerful indeed.

Include a real name, job title and photo of the person sharing such warm comments, and you will be able to maximise the trust level still further.

Use an authoritative image

Does the main image on your landing page communicate the values that you would like your brand to be associated with?

If the picture shows a person from your company, for example, this is an invaluable opportunity to depict them as authentic, authoritative and intelligent… rather than hapless, untrustworthy or incapable. It all contributes to your ongoing efforts to build the right reputation for your organisation and its people, products and services.

List impressive past customers or clients

If your company is fortunate enough to have formidable and respected past customers, your landing pages give you a great chance to feature these in a manner that enables your site visitors to immediately recognise them.

You could do this by showing the given companies’ logos, or perhaps an image of a well-known person if the customer is an individual. Whatever you do, make sure the people or firms you include are those that would impress your target customers or clients, rather than necessarily the general public.

Save mention of the cost until later if it may be an objection

Sadly, you can’t offer everything for free or a bargain-bucket price – but you can make a given price seem like exceptional value if you have taken the time to establish that value first.

This is what you may be best-advised to do on your landing pages, depending on the particular product or service you are advertising. After all, not all products or services are about the price first, and you won’t want to unnecessarily turn away many of your prospects before you have had the chance to properly pique their interest and build a relationship with them.

We can rustle up captivating and relevant websites for all manner of businesses, ranging from estate agents to ecommerce companies. So, why not get in touch with the Piranha Designs team today to talk to us about all things web design for your own brand?