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How can your e-tail store better target customers from a specific country?

While, in some respects, an online business might seem easier to manage compared to a physical store, there are still challenges that you could encounter. One of them is knowing how to target customers from specific countries. 

In this blog post, we will look closer at how you can do this using one of the most powerful strategies available: search engine optimisation (SEO). 

  • Translating content

The content language on a given website plays an integral role in informing Google of the country the website is targeting. By investing in a human-led translation service, you can help ensure your content ranks more easily in the search results of those in a particular target country.

  • Separate sites

If you want your website to appear in organic search results in other countries, you should consider creating separate sites (or subdomains or subdirectories) for your country of choice. 

For the most efficient approach, you might consider setting up subdirectories on your main .com ecommerce portal for each country that you wish to target. 

So, you may ultimately have URLs such as to target Japanese customers, for German shoppers, for France, and so on. 

  • Local link building

Inbound links are attractive to Google, especially in terms of determining a given website’s popularity and its search result rankings. 

If you are targeting another country, you will want to consider starting a local link-building campaign to help increase the number of inbound links (from your target country) to your website. This is particularly important when it comes to search queries with local intent.

  • Adding location information

If your online store also has a physical location in the country that you are targeting, you should also consider including location information, such as the local address, to help boost your rankings and popularity on search engines like Google. 

Your firm’s Google Business Profile listing could be an especially good point of focus for this. 

  • Local hosting

If you are scaling your business on a global level, you might want to think about local web server hosting. This would entail you investing in a website server in the country that you are targeting to help increase your site’s relevance in that country as far as Google is concerned. 

However, this approach can also come with a number of factors to think about, including hosting requirements, costs, and licences. 

Is your brand ready to target customers on a by-country basis, using SEO? 

As you can see, SEO can be key to targeting customers from a certain country. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to take steps to grow your ecommerce outlet’s reach and potential by using the multi-country search optimisation methods above. 

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