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3 ways in which your ecommerce website’s content can get people to buy from you 

It can be easy at times to underestimate the extent to which the content on a given e-tail site doesn’t merely exist in order to give target customers something to read, or to provide them with practical information, such as a particular item’s size, shape, and other specifications. 

The reality is that compelling and relevant content will work with and feed into the other marketing interventions that your brand makes, such as its search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media activities. This will help to get your target audiences interested, engaged, and actually purchasing from you. 

So, let’s remind you of just three key benefits that the right content will help deliver for your online store, and not merely during the busy festive season. 

It can draw shoppers to your site 

As we touched on above, SEO and online content go hand in hand for an ambitious brand. If you get your own store’s online content right – by which we mean providing content that is genuinely attractive, informative, and useful for your target audiences – you can quickly hook in relevant new customers who might initially find you through a Google search. 

One major way in which content marketing can be useful from an SEO perspective, is that if you are a small-to-medium-sized business, it can enable you to “cut through” against big-brand-name opposition. 

If, for example, you put together a “how to” guide touching on a subject that larger and longer-established competitors aren’t directly addressing in their own online content, you could stand to put your brand in front of more of the right eyeballs than you would be able to expect if you solely targeted the most obvious, broad, and high-competition keywords. 

It can engage the target shoppers that you do attract 

Here is one of the fundamental ways in which e-tail merchants can often struggle in their efforts to use content to capture customers: they can attract relevant people to their site, but they then fail to keep those customers interested. Before long, a typical visitor to their site clicks their browser “back” button, and they might never return to that site. 

So, your own online store’s content needs to not only lure a potential customer in the first place, but also subsequently deliver what they are seeking. 

In the case of the aforementioned “how to” guide, for example, does your site’s article simply repeat what can be easily found elsewhere online? Or does it add distinctive value in other ways, such as by directly quoting an industry expert to help make the content more authoritative and trustworthy? Perhaps you could even incorporate relevant statistics to further help drive home the points you are making in your content? 

It can help your store retain its existing customers 

Is a typical visitor to your e-tail store discovering content like that we mentioned above, and finding it useful, only to then leave your site and not come back (potentially without even going as far as buying any products from you)? 

If so, this is a sign that you probably need to do more to devise and implement a content strategy that is effective in cultivating customer loyalty and retention. 

There are various ways in which you might seek to do that. You may, for instance, use publicly available online content of yours to tempt people into signing up to your store’s weekly email newsletter, so that you can deliver further exclusive content, alongside product-oriented offers and discounts. 

Such a tactic could assist you in building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your store’s target customers that go beyond you always attempting to directly sell them a product. And that, paradoxically, might be instrumental in ensuring you have a chance to keep on selling them products, as they will grow to like and trust you to an even greater extent with each newsletter you send through. 

There you have it; three powerful ways in which the content delivered by your ecommerce site serves a much broader purpose than simply providing basic information about your products, or even trying to directly “sell” something to customers. 

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