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6 labels you can apply to products to help get them selling 

It is frequently said that “knowledge is power”. But how much time does any given person have to acquire the knowledge that would enable them to enjoy such power?

In today’s chronically time-pressed world, it may seem that your e-tail store’s target customers have very little time. So, for today’s blog post, we thought we would throw the spotlight on the simple labels that could most help them make quick buying decisions when perusing your on-sale items. 

The following labels, when prominently displayed with your store’s products, could therefore play a big role in converting website visitors into paying customers.

  •  “Newly added” or “just arrived”

Certain customers of yours might make frequent visits to your store, and keep on seeing the same items. This label could help draw their eyes towards the offerings in your e-tail shop that they probably haven’t yet seen.

  • A label referring to stock levels 

This type of label can be great for motivating a customer to commit to buying there and then, so that they don’t miss out. Such a label could be phrased like “almost gone” or “selling fast”, or it could even refer to a specific number of items remaining, such as “only 5 left!” 

  • A label highlighting the product’s environmental friendliness 

There has probably never been greater pressure on brands from their target customers, to provide items that offer genuine credentials of sustainability and environmental friendliness. A label such as “sustainable packaging”, “no animal testing”, or “ethically sourced” could therefore greatly help reassure them. 

  • “Exclusive” or “rare” 

Again, this is a label that plays on a target customer’s fear of missing out (FOMO). It spotlights to them that the given item is a hard-to-find one that they cannot expect to remain in stock for much longer – so they can’t depend on simply buying it in a month or two’s time. 

  • A trust seal 

Has a highly reputable industry body or organisation given their “seal of approval” to this product? If so, you might be able to display it on the given item’s product page. You will need to check, though, that the organisation or body will definitely permit the use of the seal by a third party like your store. 

  • A sale or discount label 

It might be an “old-fashioned” kind of label to apply to a product – whether in a physical brick-and-mortar store or an online outlet – but it’s an old-fashioned label that works. You might be tempted to experiment with different versions of classic phrasing such as “50% off” or “Buy two, get a third free”. 

Oh, and be careful about exactly where you place any of these labels, or any others you might be considering the use of. Above or below the main product image is likely to work well, as is overlaying the label on the product image, provided that it doesn’t obscure the view of the item itself. 

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