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5 small changes that could make a big difference to your e-tail store’s conversions 

You will probably already understand why it is so important to get as many of your ecommerce site visitors as possible to become paying customers. A poor conversion rate means a lot of people will be looking at your site, and consuming its resources, but doing little or nothing to help your business survive and thrive. 

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to invest in a single and expensive new feature in order to bolster your online store’s conversions. Indeed, taking the incremental approach – making small, but significant changes gradually over time – could be the much less risky way to do so. 

What do we mean when we refer to modest-to-execute, but potentially big-impact changes? Well, here are a few examples of what we mean. 

Emphasising the benefits of products over features 

Don’t just use the same list of specifications that the manufacturer of the product might have supplied to you. Make sure your messaging – on the product pages, as well as other areas of your site – emphasises the ways in which the given item could benefit the buyer’s actual life. 

Streamlining the checkout process 

This might seem like a big change rather than a small one, but you don’t necessarily need to do the entire job straight away. If you can find an opportunity to remove a single unnecessary form field, or to introduce one thing that makes the checkout process quicker without interrupting the buyer’s journey from shopping basket to completing the sale, do that as and when you can. 

Repositioning and emphasising trust badges 

Visitors to your site are likelier to trust you sufficiently to make an actual purchase from you, if they see obvious signifiers that your site can be trusted. ‘Trust badges’ that show you take seriously the security of customer data can help, and you might look to experiment with their prominence and placement on your site. 

Updating the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page 

While FAQs sections can undoubtedly be extremely informative for would-be buyers, they are as prone to gradually becoming out of date as any other part of your site. You won’t want to be using this page to give customers a telephone number that you changed months ago, or an indication of delivery costs that suggests a much lower price than is now the case. So, be sure to check over this area of your site from time to time, to avoid inaccuracies that would erode customer trust. 

Showing images of your team on the site 

This is another simple change to drum home the message that your brand has an actual team, and isn’t faceless and distant or even a ‘one-man band’ operation. Customers like to know that they are supporting relatable human beings like them, rather than just helping to add another zero to the income of a CEO. 

At this time of challenging costs for so many businesses, even seemingly small alterations to your site can have a sizeable impact on the revenue you generate from your online store. 

Whether you wish to make relatively modest or instead wholesale changes to your brand’s online presence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Piranha Designs for that all-important conversation. 

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