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Gauchos Restaurant has been operating for well over 15 years.  Since the change of ownership in March 2019 It was decided to review the restaurant’s direction and with that to re-invent the business and take it to a new level in dining experience. I was recommended Piranha to assist with this in terms of its image. After the initial meeting I knew I was in professional, intelligent hands. They understood the concept and made several key and critical suggestions which, all made business sense from an impartial perspective. We embraced all the suggestions which have since worked out very well. We agreed a way forward and I gave the project 3 months to complete. Everything has been completed on time which included, inter alia, rebranding, logo design, website design, menus and wines list design and production, advertising and signage, completed in a logical and well-structured way to the highest standards and very professionally. We have received excellent value for money and Piranha went over and above the remit of the agreement to ensure the projects complete success. Piranha care and embrace the project as if it were their own too. As with any business there has to be a return on investment and we are beginning to see the results from this investment.

As well as commending and recommending Piranha to any business I take this opportunity to thank them for a job very well done.