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When it comes to open-source platforms on which to potentially build an online store, there isn’t a shortage of options out there. So, what makes the ‘freemium’ PrestaShop software a potentially very attractive possibility for your brand’s e-tail operations? 

PrestaShop has been around since the mid-2000s, and has gone on to become an especially widely adopted ecommerce platform in Europe and Latin America. 

But for what reasons may you to tempted to choose it over the alternatives for your organisation’s ecommerce presence? Well, below are just five of them. 

It’s easy to use 

We should add a qualification to this point: the backend of PrestaShop is more technical than some of its obvious rivals, so it can take a bit of time to set up a store using this platform. If you aren’t exactly a ‘technical’ person yourself, you are also likely to appreciate the help of developers – such as our own here at Piranha Designs – in getting the integrations working. 

But once you have got your PrestaShop store set up with its modules and integrations, you’ll find it a simple process to manage such aspects as product creation, inventory and order management on a day-to-day basis. 

It’s free… sort of 

In common with other open-source platforms for ecommerce website design, PrestaShop doesn’t cost anything to initially download and install. In practice, though, you can expect to need to spend money on hosting your site, as well as on the ‘add-ons’ that will enable you to create a highly functional store that perfectly matches your needs. 

But that’s fine, given that much of the whole point of choosing an open-source platform in the first place is the scope this gives you to truly make your online store your own. Plus, PrestaShop has a generous add-ons marketplace, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the modules you need. 

It offers a lot of customisation possibilities 

We touched on this above, so we might as well proceed to it for our next point. When it comes to making your e-tail brand as memorable as possible, while also ensuring your evolving needs over time are met, the utmost customisation potential is crucial. 

From the customisation of such basic elements as the texts and blocks on your site’s pages, right through to the finer points of product customisation – encompassing categories, products, brands, suppliers and more – PrestaShop gives you ample freedom to make all the necessary changes. 

It helps your business to go global 

PrestaShop may make particular sense as a platform for your e-tail site if you are concerned with appealing to customers across borders. There’s a big emphasis on this with the software, which makes it easy for you to present your store in different languages and currencies. 

Did you know, for example, that you can have your store translated into any of more than 75 languages? In addition, over 60 payments modules are compatible with PrestaShop, which enables you to accept payments via the likes of PayPal and Amazon Pay, as well as more obscure payment methods that might be especially popular in your brand’s target foreign markets.  

It comes with a strong support community 

There aren’t many ecommerce website platforms that have as strong a following around the world as PrestaShop. At the time of typing, there are more than a million PrestaShop community members, and it’s easy to connect with these people if you have any questions about any aspect of running your store. Whether it’s about programming issues, themes, customisation or anything else concerning PrestaShop, these are people who know their stuff. 

We have developed a number of successful ecommerce stores using Prestashop, and have also integrated it with EPOS software using APIs. This means that the stock levels and pricing can be totally up to date automatically.

Has the above got you curious about all the things you and your brand could do with PrestaShop? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Piranha Designs team for a free no-obligation discussion about how we could cater to your business’s needs and ambitions online.