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Some ways your website loses sales

By 5 October 2011September 20th, 2021No Comments

Very often website owners seem to look at their own sites and think that they look great and sales are being made. Unfortunately it is quite rare to stop, think and test to see if your site is doing the most it can do. I have visited many clients whose sites seem fine, they look quite smart, the colours are attractive but there are some key elements missing.

No calls to action
Your website needs to encourage people to do something, contact you, fill in a form or take some kind of action.

No clear direction
Is it easy for the users to know where to click, can they get to the key information quickly and easily?

Contact details are difficult to find
Make it simple and obvious so clients can contact you quickly, often people visit websites just to get the phone number.

There is a really interesting study on ecommerce sites and the 10 reasons why websites lose sales, you can read that story here >