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Is your company website truly embracing voice search?

By 22 June 2017September 20th, 2021No Comments

‘Voice search’, in case you could possibly be unfamiliar with it, refers to the practice of speaking commands into a device to perform an online search. 

Voice search technology is advancing and becoming ever-more relevant, so what can you do to suitably optimise your site to drive ever-greater traffic and sales from it?   

Use language that people actually use 

Being ‘natural’ is the key here. What questions and phrases would your target consumers say when they are talking to their friends and family? You’re less likely to get great voice search results out of the ‘marketing speak’ and promotional ‘buzz’ terms that are used a lot more often by those within your industry than actual customers. 

Keep an eye out for natural phrases in your keyword research. They’re the phrases that tend to be longer and not searched as often, but which are also less competitive and thus easier to win. 

Account for mispronunciations 

It’s only natural that many online searchers for particular brands will read about those brands a lot more than they hear them spoken. They may therefore mispronounce a brand in a voice search – unless you account for such mispronunciations in optimising your site.

However, you will need to be creative in how you achieve this goal. Simply including misspelt words in your standard product content will simply give the impression that you are not professional enough to even bother to proofread your site content, and consumer trust in your brand will diminish as a result. 

Aim for descriptive, textual content 

Ecommerce sites typically consist of a lot of filter and category pages that do not exactly lend themselves well to voice search. This is why it is so crucial to produce descriptive textual content for your site – such as FAQs sections and how-to guides – that actually contains the type of words and phrasing your company might use. 

You should also ensure that you use such natural phrasing on pages of your site that are linked to other parts of your site, in recognition of the fact that search engines are more likely to lead voice searchers to pages that use natural language. 

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