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Even if your site is attracting visitors, are they coming back?

By 4 May 2017September 20th, 2021No Comments

We couldn’t help but think that a natural follow-up to our earlier blog post on how to boost your site’s conversions if it doesn’t receive many visitors would be to look at what happens when your site does receive visitors, but they don’t necessarily get ‘over the line’ to converting. 

More specifically, we’re thinking of the times when ‘real life’ intervenes for your visitors – when they’re thinking of purchasing from you but then have to take the kids to school, or they have to mop up some spilt liquid at home when in the middle of completing your email newsletter signup form. 

Real life is distracting, and once your visitors are distracted away from your site, there’s no guarantee they will ever return. So how can you boost your brand’s chances?

Being memorable certainly helps 

One of the most old-fashioned tricks in the book when it comes to keeping your visitors coming back is to simply make your brand memorable. Even just a quirky name, rather than an overly bland or corporate one, could help to keep your brand in your prospective customers’ heads. 

Then, there are all of those brands that have risen to prominence on the basis of an amusing viral advertising campaign or something else a bit crazy. Just consider the especially famous example of, which is surely one of the most garish sites you could ever expect to see – and yet, behind it is a multi-million-pound success story. 

Continual customer communication is also vital 

A perhaps more sustainable approach for most businesses than the one is to ‘capture’ the customer in some way – whether by getting them to subscribe to an email newsletter or social media updates – so that there’s no longer so much pressure to get them to buy in a single session. 

It may be as straightforward a task as getting them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, or you could attempt to persuade your visitors to return through ad retargeting or a shopping cart abandonment campaign. If a visitor fills up their shopping cart, for instance, they are highly likely to convert, so a well-timed email with a suitable offer or discount could be just enough to get them over the line. 

Any or a combination of these methods could make an appreciable difference to your site’s ability to get more people coming back. It’s an essential plank of any strategy designed to boost your site’s resilience, and when you talk to Piranha Designs about our expertise in web design, we can help to build you a site that is effective, chimes well with your brand and assists your business’s growth.