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Does your brand’s homepage answer these 3 crucial questions? 

It’s not exactly news that we are presently in an era of information overload. Brands are constantly – and furiously – battling for our attention, and when it’s your attention they are competing for, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. 

It is precisely due to these factors that as a customer, you will no doubt be accustomed to quickly whittling down the information brands impart, to the things that really, truly matter to you – whether you are visiting the given brand’s brick-and-mortar shop or office, or perusing their website. 

But what if you are such a brand, and are wondering how you can most effectively achieve ‘cut-through’ in an era in which this might seem impossible? 

One formula could be to make sure, the moment a potential customer lands on your brand’s website, you are answering the following three questions. These are questions that would-be customers will subconsciously want answers for, to help them decide whether your brand’s products or services will be of any relevance or usefulness for them. 

What is this? 

Is this a question to which the customer will be given an answer, as soon as your homepage loads in their browser – without the need for them to even scroll or click anywhere? 

If so, you will already be going some distance to engaging and ‘hooking in’ those prospective customers who might otherwise be susceptible to hitting their browser ‘back’ button. 

Remember that answering this question won’t just be a case of setting it out in text on your homepage; you should also make sure that text is nice and prominent, with consideration for your site’s broader graphic design approach. 

And of course, the answer to the question of “what is this” should be immediately clear through the imagery and text that you use, with further (but less urgent) details outlined elsewhere on the page. 

Who is this for? 

The task of answering this question comes down to not only knowing exactly who is brand’s target audience, but also setting out your answer to that question clearly and immediately on your site’s homepage. 

That communication might be as simple as showing imagery of your target audience on the homepage, perhaps pictured using your product or service. 

Whatever content you use to answer the question of “who is this for” – textual and visual alike – it should appeal to your target audience’s preferred aesthetics, values, and needs. 

What do I get? 

This question probably puts you in mind of what tangible product or benefit the prospective customer receives as a result of choosing to do business with you. 

That being said, the benefit the customer gets from your organisation might be relatively intangible – for example, you might be a charity that works towards a certain cause, and you may be asking for donations towards that cause. So, one possible alternative question to “what do I get?” could be, “so what?” 

Again, this is a question that you might answer with the help of captivating imagery on your homepage, showing your target audience using and appreciating your product or service in some way – basically, showing how your brand eases their ‘pain point’ or solves their problem. 

Through the imagery and text that you use to answer this and the aforementioned questions, you should be clear and ‘straight to the point’, outlining what your customers will get from you, and why they should care. 

There you have it – three questions that you should ensure are thoroughly answered by your brand’s homepage, whatever products or solutions you happen to offer. 

To learn more about how Piranha Designs can help your organisation answer such questions in a compelling way for its target audiences, through services like website design, graphic design, and software development services in Gibraltar, Spain and the UK, please don’t wait any longer to get in touch with us