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Simple steps you can take to create a great call to action

By 28 November 2016September 20th, 2021No Comments

Whether you’re thinking about creating an online advert or sending out some marketing emails, a call to action is vital. It’s your way of convincing the reader to take another action once they’ve viewed your content, whether that’s entering their email address to receive additional relevant content or clicking onto your website. 

However, there are certain style issues that you need to keep in mind if you want to create a CTA that drives up your conversion rates.

Use active language

A CTA should encourage the user to do something right now, so you need to use words and phrases that encourage this urgency. If you just use terms like ‘download,’ ‘find out more’ or ‘free trial,’ you may not get the results that you desire, as they may be a little too bland and sales-like. 

Phrases like ‘generate more leads today’ or ‘drive up your website traffic’ give readers an incentive to enter their details right now. Of course, you will need to alter the text to make it relevant to your company and the needs of your audience. 

Keep your promises

If your CTA promises to deliver additional content to your readers instantly, you need to make sure this is actually the case. 

If your readers enter their details in response to your CTA, that means they are intrigued by your business and services. However, if the content takes a while to arrive despite being promised instantly, this could seriously harm your brand in the long run. Not only that, but the reader may have lost interest in the content because it took so long for them to receive it. 

Include the CTA more than once on a page

This is a good habit to get into, especially if your emails or website pages are particularly long. Using just one CTA increases the chances of it becoming lost among your other text and images. 

It’s a good idea to try to include a CTA in the middle of the page and then reinforce the message at the end. However, you need to think carefully about doing this. If you include too many CTAs on a short page, you risk spamming the reader, thereby cooling their interest in whatever you’re offering. 

The team here at Piranha Designs can assist you with all aspects of email and online advertising, including by offering practical advice on how to create a great call to action. If your CTAs are not pulling in the leads and sales you need, contact us on (+350) 200 45599 or (+44) 845 056 3703 to find out how we can help.