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5 ways to increase email subscriptions from your blog

By 7 September 2016September 20th, 2021No Comments

If your blog is packed full of compelling content and you have an attractive call to action (CTA) box on your homepage, you may be wondering why you are not converting your visitors into email subscribers.

Running a great blog is no longer enough on its own to encourage your visitors to hand over their email address. Here are some of the more effective ways to build your subscriber base.

1. Optimise your top blog posts

If a significant proportion of your site’s traffic comes from a small number of especially well-ranking blog posts or help pages, use this to your advantage. 

Although you may encourage readers to click back to your homepage to discover more recent content, you should also consider optimising your top-ranking blog posts by adding a CTA – in this case, with a subscription box.

2. Add opt-in boxes

Are you using a landing page or contact form on your site? If so, simply adding an opt-in box, asking visitors if they would like to be added to your mailing list when they send you an email, which can significantly grow your subscriber base without much effort.

3. Offer something free

A tried and tested formula for building your email subscriber base is to offer a freebie. Whether that freebie comes in the form of a whitepaper, discount coupon or e-book, you’ll soon see that some people will do anything to save money or get their hands on something of value hidden behind an email subscription box.

4. Add CTAs in the right places

While you may be tempted to add a subscription box or CTA on every page of your site to maximise your chances of gaining new subscribers, such a strategy – like old-fashioned keyword stuffing – can be off-putting to casual visitors who are simply seeking valuable information, not to be bombarded with sales content. 

The more subtle and strategic placement of CTAs is therefore the best route to take. 

5. Remove all of the clutter

Although knowing your subscriber’s name, age, gender and location could be useful for your marketing campaigns, the subscription process from the user end should also be as quick and simple as possible. 

After all, in all likelihood, your visitors will be busy and easily distracted, so you should make your CTAs basic and compelling. A simple email field and subscribe button may be all that you require to enjoy high levels of engagement, and you also shouldn’t forget to thank your latest subscriber when they hand over their email address. 

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