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4 great things that customer reviews can do for your ecommerce store 

Online customer reviews are a fact of life for almost any brand that has any kind of presence on the web, and you can certainly expect to attract such reviews for your own e-tail store. 

However, there can be a tendency for some business owners to see customer reviews as merely something that could harm their brand. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the genuine benefits you can reap from customer reviews, including those reviews that might not be complimentary about your online store. 

They help you build credibility 

Imagine if customer reviews didn’t exist online; a business like yours would be merely making claims about how good it was, without much concrete evidence to back it up. 

The online reviews that your brand attracts will help demonstrate to would-be customers that your site, products, and services are the ‘real deal’. Customers will feel more confident and comfortable buying your brand’s offerings, when they know that real-world shoppers have rated you positively. 

They give you important insights into your products 

As an ecommerce store, it’s not really your opinion of your own products that most matters; it’s how your customers feel that will truly shape your product range and service in the longer run.

And both positive and negative reviews have value when it comes to giving you insights into your own store’s products. 

Negative reviews can help you pinpoint aspects of your products or service that you need to improve. Meanwhile, positive reviews will give you a stronger sense of what’s good about what you do, and what you might not want to change, given the risk the latter could present of upsetting customers.  

They assist with your store’s search engine optimisation (SEO)

Not every online store owner necessarily appreciates how much online reviews can help get their business ranking strongly in the search engine rankings.

After all, customer reviews in relation to your site will almost inevitably contain certain keywords, such as your brand name and the names of products, which are terms that your target customers will search for. And allowing customers to leave reviews on your Google Business Profile listing will help your business perform better in local search. 

They help boost sales 

Did you know that more than 99.9% of customers read reviews when they shop online, and that 60% of customers feel the number of reviews a business has is of critical importance when they are reviewing and deciding whether to use that company’s services? 

If, then, your ecommerce store attracts online reviews, you will almost certainly be able to attract more sales than you would have done if there were no reviews online for your business. Reviews are a powerful reputation-building tool for an e-tailer, and can help convince a hesitant potential customer to go ahead and buy from the store they are considering. 

So, there you go; customer reviews can be an extremely good thing for your online store overall, even if not all of them are positive (and if you’re doing a good job with your store, you can almost guarantee that the vast majority of reviews you attract will be good ones). 

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