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Mark Millar

When I started looking for someone to turn my idea for a website into reality, I got a lot of knock backs as the people I approached all thought it was a good idea, but the complications of making it work were a barrier.

One day I called an old associate of mine from when I worked in Gibraltar, who introduced me to Julian Byrne at Piranha Designs. We met one day last March and I was immediately impressed, not only by the enthusiasm with which my idea was received, but the “can do “ attitude that was evident throughout our conversation.  The decision to engage Piranha Designs to create the site was immediate.

Of course, that was just the start of the work and I can honestly say that neither I nor the team at Piranha, fully understood the scale of the task. The complexity of the site became evident step by step and the original six month timescale increased as the difficulties increased. To their everlasting credit the Piranha team stuck to the task and finally, on Friday February 15 2013 , The Project Master website became reality.

So a massive “thank you” to all the team at Piranha Designs, for their professionalism in the production, their tolerance of my changes, their understanding of my naivety and their patience in their explanations. Above all my thanks for delivering such a fabulous website and for providing the ongoing support which is so vital for the future.