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We found Piranha Designs through a bidding process at Blur Group’s service platform. In the first impression we felt Piranha Designs was the best among the three worldwide bidders chosen by Blur Group in terms of the design quality, experience and reasonable price. In the following web design and construction processes, we were not disappointed. The team led by Chris Hewitt shown their strong competence, expertise and flexibility in doing the job. We were particularly impressed by the team’s excellent service, diligence and patience to meet customer’s demands and requests. We had lots of conversations via email and Skype during the web design and construction processes. The communications were very effective and every time they did the work in line with our discussions or our special requests. After the website went live, all the comments from our colleagues and friends have been very positive. They praised the website as ‘beautiful’, ‘brilliant’, ‘inviting’ and ‘attractive’. Those words are the best reward for Chris and his team. We definitely recommend Piranha Designs to anyone who wants to develop a website for any purpose.