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You have a great idea. We can help make it a reality.

Many of us have brilliant ideas, but very few actually do anything about it. We believe that the internet is a great place for turning ideas into successful businesses. Some of the most incredible stories of business growth are from online businesses. With much less overheads, lower start up costs and the accessibility of the whole world the internet is incomparable to any other business arena. If you have an idea or a project that you would like to transform into something tangible please contact us for a free, friendly chat.

“The radio and television worlds have been revolutionised with the arrival of the world wide web, and at GBC we are very satisfied with PDG's professionalism and advice that has resulted in our brand new website. ”

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GBC Management Team


We will give you advice and warn you about pitfalls.

When we discuss your project you can rest assured that we want your business to succeed as much as you do. We are happy to talk to you about all the exciting potential but also we will advise you on some of the risks and problems you may face. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision with advice and guidance from a neutral perspective.

We have turned away quite a few projects.

Not every idea we hear is a great one. Many are just too big without financing, or too risky, or been done too many times, or too competitive. We will let you know our honest opinion and not just sign you up for a new project if we don’t see any real potential.

Many of our clients see us as part of the project.

Due to the way that we work, and the ideas that we will offer, many clients involve us in all kinds of decisions and discussions. We have become a part of some of these projects, and have helped the development of them from the very early stages. Do you have a project that you want to get off the ground? 

“We are extremely happy with the website that PDG designed for us, and we gave them quite a big project that had a few changes added here and there! Julian and his team were very professional and very easy to work with.”

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Anna Rolph


Building solutions to complex business problems

We have helped many businesses streamline their workflow, reorganise their data and ultimately improve their business performance. By developing custom built solutions, we can make systems that do the job exactly how you need it done. We have experienced first hand trying to adapt existing software to unique situations, and it just doesn’t work. If you need a new custom built system or just want to know what we could do to improve your current work method then just get in touch.

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