Project: Ibex Insure

Ibex Insurance is a growing insurance broker in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. The company was established in 2000 and has expanded to have a network of over 200 agents and brokers. 


When Ibex came to see us their website had good branding, but was not clearly organised, had repeating messages and was not streamlined for the user. It was not mobile or tablet friendly either.


We redesigned the site completely, making it mobile and tablet friendly, using responsive design.
We made the menu a lot clearer, and created clear calls to action. We also realised that some of the services offered where not relevant to the Gibraltar market, and therefore built two sections to the site. Using the visitors IP address the site automatically directs them to the appropriate content.


The result is a website that inspires confidence in the brand. It shows visitors all the information clearly and guides them through a process. The easy contact forms mean that clients can contact Ibex more regularly. The advanced statistics gives Ibex key insights on how visitors behave on the site too, and allows them to make key decisions moving forward.

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