Project: Hearts FC Academy

Hearts Midlothian Football Club came to us enquiring about database systems and if we had something that could work for managing their Club Academy information such as player and event details. After a few initial chats it seemed that a customised system was best in order to get the most use for the management and the coaches but also the players who could use a system to interact with.

We built a totally custom CRM system so player details could be stored, updated easily and shared across the management team. These players can be invited into an Event Portal; listing all football games and trainings. Players can also access their own section of the system where they can comment on games, receive feedback from coaches, complete homework and see their latest performance statistics.

The end result left a highly responsive and intricate system providing accurate information for coaches, players and even the management team back in the office. It take less time for staff to complete things, information in logged more accurately, reports are instant and easily customisable and players are engaging more with the club and their participation in the squad.

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