The Brief

The Strength Factory is Gibraltar's latest gym, with an excellent range of equipment, a great location and a very large venue. The team approached us looking for a powerful brand and website that would cause an impact and portray the right attitude for the company.


We achieved this via a simple yet compelling logo and brand ID, followed up by a teaser campaign with an attractive mobile-friendly website.

Logo Design

The client was keen on having a powerful logo and brand identity that would allow them to market their gym in a clear and original way. They really wanted some kind of symbol that could be used across all media.

After many ideas of classic gym symbols such as dumbbells, barbells etc, we came up with a cog. As this is the Strength ‘Factory’ it made a lot of sense. The cog was created using an aggressive and original illustration that is both recognisable, but original too.

The cog, the colours and the fonts have given Strength Factory a great brand that has already impacted the local community.

Typography and Colours

Open Sans Semi Bold




Opens Sans Regular





R0 G0 B0

C75 M68 Y67 K90


R255 G255 B255

C0 M0 Y0 K0


R253 G207 B4

C3 M17 Y100 K0


We built a smart, attractive website that is simple and clear, goes straight to the point, and sells the gym well. The style of the website follows the branding and overall feeling of Strength Factory.

Although the site is not comprised of many pages, it is easily expandable and is designed for optimum viewing across all devices.

Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly

An easy and lightweight mobile version with interactive menu



Strength Factory stands out in Gibraltar as a unique gym, with a well recognised brand that is pushing the boundaries. The site will continue to expand as the business grows.

We are proud of the result, and the owners of the business have done a great job of branding all the equipment and the gym itself, in keeping with the overall ID.

What Strength Factory Say

We approached Piranha to come up with a striking, powerful logo and brand identity for our new gym. We wanted to create a brand that portrayed the values of our gym, and gave us an icon or symbol that would become recognisable around Gibraltar. We believe that Piranha have achieved these goals, and have also produced a great website that gives our members and potential clients all the information they need. We are very happy with the results, our game-changing gym, became a reality with hard work and some great ideas from the Piranha team. Thanks.

– Lee Desoiza

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