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The Brief

Hearts Midlothian Football Club came to us enquiring about database systems and if we had something that could work for managing their Club Academy information such as player and event details. After a few initial chats it seemed that a customised system was best in order to get the most use for the management and the coaches but also the players who could use a system to interact with.


We built a totally custom CRM system so player details could be stored, updated easily and shared across the management team. These players can be invited into an Event Portal; listing all football games and trainings. Players can also access their own section of the system where they can comment on games, receive feedback from coaches, complete homework and see their latest performance statistics.

The end result left a highly responsive and intricate system providing accurate information for coaches, players and even the management team back in the office. It take less time for staff to complete things, information in logged more accurately, reports are instant and easily customisable and players are engaging more with the club and their participation in the squad.

Players' Accounts

For Personal Schedules, Tagged Videos and Match Statistics

The first key feature of the CRM software is the addition of Players’ Accounts. In order to provide coaching staff with the most complete and detailed information possible, each of the Heart of Midlothian players has an account on the system. Players are given a username and password for their accounts. This gives players complete flexibility, as the software is easily accessible and online every minute of the day. The CRM software is mobile responsive, which gives players the freedom to access their accounts with any device they choose.

Once logged in, players are able to see the details of upcoming matches, training sessions and sports science classes in an easy-to-read, tabular and colour coded format. Players can view their schedule and important information about each event – such as the date, start and end times, location, which aspects the training sessions focus on and which coach will be present.

Players can also look at their last match statistics and current player season statistics. An activity feed shows players their recent interactions, as well as shared information from coaches.

Academy squad players are assigned homework tasks by coaches to be completed as required. Players use the CRM software to keep track of their homework tasks and inform coaches of their completion. Player surveys and game performance reviews are completed in the same way.

Player Surveys

For Providing Coaches and Physios With the Latest Information

Player surveys are an important factor in what makes this CRM software so useful to Heart of Midlothian FC. Players log into their accounts daily to complete surveys on key aspects of their performance and wellbeing. These surveys provide coaches with up to date, relevant player information. The information available to coaches includes player wellbeing, game attendance and foul reports plus many more. These useful tools make player selection and player management significantly easier.

Most reports consist of a 1-10 scale select within the forms for players to complete. The forms are interactive, easy to use, and highly dependable as a source of reliable information for coaching staff. When a player wants to highlight an injury, he is given an anatomical diagram with which he can pinpoint and rate aches and pains.

Coaches can see the results of these surveys in a colour coded report for each of the players. Coaches also have the ability to go back in time to compare previous days. These player surveys are an ideal way of giving coaches the constant feedback required to make squad selections. It is also a good way to keep track of player recovery and training effectiveness.

These surveys, combined with different player reports and game reports, aids decision making by providing complete and comprehensive statistics and information.

Player-Coach Interactive Tasks

For Game Matches, Training Sessions and Set Home Work

Administrators CRM

For Players, Staff, All Game Matches and Training Events

Live Reports That Show What Matter...

For Players, Squads, Seasons and other targeted information

Live reports are produced instantly by the CRM system using information provided by the players and with event information. These reports are produced in real time, so they are updated as soon as extra information is given. Reports include information about each of the players such as Total Training Sessions, Total Training Time and Total Number of Games Played. Each section can be filtered down further to show focused results. Reports can be viewed per season, per month, per week, per day, or any custom date range.

Player Review Packs

Coaches are given an overview of individual players using Player Review Packs. A player review is made up of the information collected by the system using players’ interactions and game data. This lets coaching staff compile and view packs of information on individual players quickly and easily. These player review packs can be saved as PDFs or printed for record keeping.

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What Heart of Midlothian Say

From the beginning of our journey, formulating our plans and design ideas, Chris Hewitt and his team created a very effective working relationship and relaxed environment. Nothing was a problem, challenges were overcome and their team have created a special product that will allow our Academy to grow and flourish ahead of our competitors. It has been a pleasure co-producing our online Academy system, which has by some distance superseded our initial expectations as the team went above and beyond to create a very valuable tool for the club. Thank you.

– Roger Arnott

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