The Brief

Gibraltar has many great events/festivals/concerts being held continuously throughout the year. Most events had paper tickets sold in local shops, which was often done as a favour to the event producer. Due to opening hours, location etc it was sometimes quite difficult to buy tickets to your desired events, and was open to human errors in seating numbers etc. It was all a rather manual process, which really needed modernising.


After searching for online tools that we could use, we soon discovered that it was going to be almost impossible to find an off-the-shelf solution that would be able to deal with all the different types of events and tickets. Working with one of Gibraltar’s leading events companies, GibMedia, we began developing a custom built ticketing solution. was created as a ticketing platform that is tailored to Gibraltar events and locations, but is incredibly flexible too.


We designed and built the website to be easy to use and mobile friendly. By focussing on a small number of events and fine-tuning the purchase procedure we have made the ticket buying process really quick and simple. Visitors can select events, available seats, and purchase them online. Users can then print out their tickets along with unique barcodes, or simply download them to their mobile phone. These tickets are then scanned at the event entrance and are logged as used in our system.

Select Your Seat Using the Interactive Map

Quite a number of venues in Gibraltar have specific seating plans and need to sell numbered tickets. Our system allows the generation of a live, interactive seating plan where users can select the seats in real time. The system uses a timing and blocking mechanism to avoid duplications.

We already have many seating plans available for the main venues in Gibraltar, and can add others relatively easily.

Generate Digital Tickets

The system produces both a printable and a digital ticket. They work in the same way, that means you can simply bring the digital ticket on your phone to gain entry into the event.

Our portable scanners can scan phone screens just as easily as printed tickets.

Maximum Flexibility for the Event, Including Multiple Venues, Multiple Days, Multiple Seating Plans

Our advanced system allows the event organiser to host a large variety of events, these can be across different days, in various locations and using multiple seating plans. As we have built the system from the ground up we can also add custom solutions as and when required.

Private Area Where Organisers Can Have an Overview of the Event and the Reservations, and See Sales in Real Time

Event organisers have access to our powerful admin area, with live information on reservations, tickets and customers. From this same admin area prices and availability can be controlled.

Statistics About Client Location (By Country)

Our system is integrated with Google Analytics, but also has some useful statistics built in. Organisers can see live information on the location of their customers, which is great for marketing and ROI.

Add Custom Image or Advert to the Ticket the Client Receives

Our printed tickets are sent to all customers, these are generated by the system and include some space for advertising relevant services or events to our many customers.

This allows for a greater personalisation of the tickets.

Extra Features

For the day of the event BuyTickets will provide the organiser with scanners for the tickets.

Thanks to the unique code assigned to each ticket, a single scan will quickly check the person in, or will alert if the ticket is invalid. The scanner will display statistics of the venue capacity, people already in and people expected to come.

Create a Box Office at your Venues

BuyTickets can also provide with the required equipment (laptop, special tickets printer, software...) for a physical box office. This is useful for example for events whose clients are used to buying tickets at the door the same day of the event.

Additional Event Security

Thanks to the online scanning process all the information about attendance for the event can be reported, knowing exactly how many people showed up.


Buy tickets has been a great success, we have events running almost every day, plus have become the official site for some of Gibraltar’s largest, most prestigious events.

What Buy Tickets Gibraltar Say

BuyTickets has already become Gibraltar's main ticket selling website, and is going from strength to strength. With a growing number of events being added exclusively to the site, BuyTickets has been a great success. Thanks to Piranha for the great work.

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