5 simple ways to get more people buying from your online brand

Julian Byrne - Tuesday, July 27, 2021

With the past year having seen elevated numbers of people shopping online, you may be finding increased traffic coming to your ecommerce website. If this is not translating into sales, then you may need to work harder and smarter on optimising your conversions. 

But don’t worry – there are plenty of tips that can help you drive conversion. Thus, here are five straightforward ways to encourage more people to buy from your e-tail outlet

  1. Target your email campaigns 

Let’s be honest – no one likes receiving a multitude of emails that are irrelevant to their likes and interests. So, why should you expect your customers to appreciate it, either? 

Instead of sending the same email out to your entire mailing list, it is better to target customers based on their past purchases, and where they have demonstrated interest. After all, there is no point trying to sell rugby shirts to someone who is only interested in football. 

  1. Allow for sharing (without disrupting the purchase)

In the age of social media, it is important to make sure your customers can share their purchases with their friends, family, and followers. You could regard this as a sort of digital word-of-mouth advertising. 

However, it is crucial that sharing does not disrupt the route to purchase or demote the primary call-to-action – the ‘add to basket’ button. Thus, professional website designers might include the sharing option after the purchase has been made or on the product description page away from the ‘add to basket’ button. 

  1. Be open about what you stand for 

Over the years, there has been a growing emphasis on buying from brands that hold strong, responsible and true ideals. Therefore, being open about what you stand for can encourage consumers to purchase your products. 

Take sustainability, for example. Emphasising your use of recycled packing materials and mentioning your part in the fight against climate change can help push potential conversions over the line. 

  1. Emphasise value for money  

Customers don’t always want the cheapest individual items they can find – instead, they are often looking for the solution that represents the best overall value for money. So, why not emphasise your value by using volume pricing and allowing people to buy in bulk? 

  1. Ensure there are many ways to pay 

With technology constantly on the rise, there are many methods of payment that consumers might use. From Apple Pay and Google Pay to PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, and many more, all manner of solutions are available to help boost the convenience of the buying process at your store.

Another payment option that has become increasingly popular recently is ‘buy now, pay later’, or payment plans that allow the customer to pay for the product in instalments. Allowing as many payment methods as possible will help you to reach almost every demographic. 

Want more tips and tricks? Get in touch with Piranha Designs 

For more in-depth and tailored professional advice about your website design, content, and marketing, please get in touch with Piranha Designs today in Gibraltar, London, Edinburgh, or Spain. 

We’re committed to providing the digital marketing solutions that will help boost conversions at your e-tail store – in the process, powering your online brand’s growth.

The power of emotion and logic for improving product descriptions and driving conversions

Julian Byrne - Friday, July 02, 2021

The power of emotion and logic for improving product descriptions and driving conversions

Are you looking to add product descriptions to your new website design or improve your existing descriptions? If so, you might not have known that there’s actually scientific evidence for consumers purchasing with emotion, which they then justify with logic. 

To be convinced to buy from you, then, a customer needs to be emotionally engaged with the benefits of your product and see that the features indicate it to be a logical choice, too. 

There are many ways that you can accomplish this, which we will explore below. 

Use sensory words 

Incorporating words that invoke the use of one’s senses in your product description and website design can encourage consumers to buy a product. This is because sensory words describe how we experience the world – how we smell, hear, feel, or taste something – and thus allow consumers to more easily emotionally relate to a product. 

  • Tactile: Words that relate to touch can be used to describe textures, such as ‘silky’, ‘smooth’, and ‘buttery’, which could be particularly evocative when your website design involves describing foods. 
  • Taste and smell can also be played upon when describing foods or scented products, easily substituting in for boring words like ‘good’ or ‘nice’. Instead of a ‘nice smell’, for example, why not use ‘zesty’, ‘sweet’, or ‘aromatic’?
  • Visual: Words relating to sight are great for indicating shape, colour, or other aspects of appearance; think words such as ‘gigantic’, ‘bright’, ‘sparkling’, and dazzling’. 
  • Auditory: Words that describe sounds are often onomatopoeic – by which we mean, mimicking the sound in words, allowing consumers to really picture the product in action. Think terms like ‘bang’ and ‘sizzle’.  
  • Motion: Using active words or describing movement might further help make your product descriptions more impactful on the reader. Does the product ‘bounce’ or ‘vibrate’? Or perhaps it is ‘jaw-dropping’, ‘shocking’, or leaves you ‘gob-smacked’?

Provide proof of how the product helps the customer 

Consumers truly value the opinions of previous customers and will take their thoughts into account when choosing what they purchase. Therefore, it is essential to prove that your product is consistently good at what it does, bringing your product page to life. 

Social proof might include displaying testimonials, client case studies, or real-life ratings on your product pages.

Bullet point product features 

Any website design specialist will tell you that bullet points are an excellent descriptive technique when done right. Bullet points can facilitate the scanning of a product’s features, which might not otherwise be as exciting to read through as the rest of the description. 

When used effectively, bullet points can also contain keywords relating to your product, allowing for search engine optimisation, thereby helping to boost your chances of being found online by potential customers. 

Write with your target audience in mind

How might your target audience use your product in their day-to-day life? Can it be used in the summer or winter, in the kitchen or bathroom, at home or on the go? 

By applying real-life situations to the writing of your product descriptions, you can help shoppers to more easily envision when, where and how they may choose to use the item. 

Enlist the help of a professional 

For more in-depth and tailored professional advice about your website design, content, and marketing, reach out to Piranha Designs today in Gibraltar, London, Edinburgh, or Spain. 

We’re committed to providing the digital marketing solutions that will help power your brand’s growth throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond. 

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