3 errors that could harm the effectiveness of your Pay Per Click campaign

Piranha Designs - Friday, October 21, 2016

A Pay Per Click campaign is a great way of getting your brand noticed online. Essentially, you purchase advertising space on a search engine and then bid with other companies to target certain keywords that are relevant to your business. You only then pay when your advert is clicked. 

While this might sound like an ideal route to rapidly increase your website views, the following three errors could adversely impact your PPC campaign.

1. An irrelevant advert 

Google uses a Quality Score to measure the relevancy of your advert. The higher the Quality Score, the less you'll pay for each click. If you're working to a tight budget, it therefore makes financial sense to ensure that your ad is as relevant as possible. 

This can be done in part by carrying out thorough keyword research to find out what your target market is searching for, before making your campaign go live. If the main focus of your ad differs from the theme of the landing page that you wish your viewers to visit, this will also drop your score.

2. The lack of a call-to-action

Creating a focused and relevant advert is no good if you don't tell the viewer what they are supposed to do once they've clicked on it, such as download a free guide or enter their details to get a substantial discount. 

Likewise, if your CTA is not relevant to the needs of the user, the click-through rate will be affected – which is where researching your demographic comes in useful. You need to use active language like 'get', 'improve' and 'begin' to entice the searcher. Phrases like 'view more' and 'click here' are very traditional and – paradoxically – may not inspire the user to actually click through and complete the desired action. 

3. A slow-loading landing page

With millions of potential customers using mobile platforms to search for businesses, it's important that your landing page is responsive to different-sized screens and loads quickly. 

Customers have a need for everything to be instant nowadays and do not have the patience to wait for pages to appear. You need to make sure that your landing page looks great on mobile devices and loads at an appropriate speed, which is why you should spend some time testing your landing pages and campaigns before they go live. 

After all, a responsive page will give the user a better experience of your site, thereby making them more inclined to download your guide or enter their details.

Here at Piranha Designs, we understand the importance of achieving the best results for our clients while still keeping to what may be a tight budget, so why not have a look at our PPC packages to find out more about how we can help your business? 

5 ways to increase social media engagement

Piranha Designs - Friday, October 07, 2016

Social media for business use has exploded in recent times, with businesses striving to reach a younger, more technically savvy audience. Today, potential customers have so much choice over which brands they interact with online, so it's vital that you make your content stand out. 

If you're struggling to generate leads and conversions, these five techniques might help you to change that.

1. Post behind-the-scenes pictures

In a world in which everything seems to be becoming more corporate and sanitised, with some businesses reluctant to stray from their usual brand guidelines, uploading behind-the-scenes pictures could make for a refreshing change. It helps your customers see a different side of your business, and could be a real crowd-pleaser.

2. Hold Q&A sessions

This would be best carried out on Facebook, Twitter or a live streaming service such as Periscope. A Q&A session is a great way of interacting with potentially thousands of customers at the same time. People could be glued to your feed while you explain your business or the new products that you have up-and-coming. Encouraging users to send in their questions is a great way of maximising your reach and hints at a more personal service.

3. Hold giveaways

This is a great way of maximising your conversion rates. You could encourage your followers to share or retweet your post, for example, in return for a chance to win an item from your business. This method should help to get your name out there. You could also ask your followers to click on a link to your website and enter their details in a call-to-action box to get a free download or discount on products. This method will assist you in the building of your client database.

4. Get the right dimensions

If you post images on your social media channels, they need to make an impact straight away. Different platforms tend to require images of different dimensions, so you may need to alter the image for each platform on which your brand has a presence. By doing this, the images will remain clear and display properly, increasing the chances of users engaging with them.

5. Maximise your resources

Although it might seem tempting to give your brand a presence on all of the remotely popular social media channels, this could do more harm than good. Do your research to find out what platforms your target market is using, before using these platforms to post content that these target consumers are likely to appreciate and find useful. This method will help to ensure that you're targeting the right kind of social media users.

If you're struggling to increase your brand's levels of social media engagement, please feel free to contact Piranha Designs about our online advertising packages.

5 reasons why your marketing emails end up in spam boxes

Piranha Designs - Monday, October 03, 2016

Any business that sends emails as part of its marketing campaigns will know how difficult the generation of meaningful results can be. The reasons for your emails not converting can be wide-ranging; it could be that your subscribers are just not interested, or that your emails are getting sent to their spam folder. In the case of the latter, you need to avoid these marketing faux pas.

1. Your email subject features a trigger word

With spam filters becoming increasingly powerful, you need to avoid using certain 'trigger words' that are regularly used by spammers if you want to ensure your emails end up in the right box. Words such as free, money and reminder are all prominent in spam emails, so try to avoid using them and come up with more imaginative titles to keep your emails in your subscribers' inboxes.

2. Your email has exclamation points!!!

Emails filled with exclamation marks resemble spam and are therefore likely to be treated as such by email account providers. Instead of exclaiming your key points, word your subjects and emails in an exciting, engaging way that your customers will appreciate.

3. You're sending attachments

Sending an attachment to somebody who doesn't expect to receive one can make it tough to penetrate spam filters, and in the case of email marketing, it's something that should be avoided. Instead, keep all of your content in one email, and if you need to get your audience to view an external document, send a download link that they can click in their own time.

4. You have low open rates

As webmail providers become increasingly intelligent, it is now possible for emails to be screened on the basis of whether others open them or not. This process is known as 'engagement-based spam filtering', with email providers identifying when users delete unopened emails and thereby filtering similar emails from your own inbox.

5. Your subject line isn’t clear

Subject lines are one of the most important aspects of email marketing, and while you will naturally want to get the most bang for your buck, you need to be clear about what your email includes. Misrepresenting an email can irritate your subscribers and encourage them to flag your emails as spam, so be honest and transparent and you’ll soon see increased engagement. 

If you're struggling to grow your audience online, don't hesitate to contact the team here at Piranha Designs about our acclaimed range of online advertising packages. 

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